In 2005 NOMA t.d. was launched in Tokyo by Masako Noguchi and Takuma Sasaki. They are signified by the original hand-drawn textiles that are produced in every collection. By implementing traditional techniques and artisan skills, NOMA t.d. blends traditional into contemporary. The product range has expanded interiors and arts, as well as exhibition curation and publishing projects featuring other artists including painters and photographers. 

Designer Profile 
Masako Noguchi began her career as a textile designer while pursuing BA Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts in London. Upon graduation in 2003, she moved to New York to produce textile designs to numerous fashion brands before relocating to Tokyo and establishing NOMA t.d. with Takuma. Masako showcases artwork regularly, including her artbook "Between Line And Pattern (2017)”.  
Takuma Sasaki has worked extensively as a buyer and director for several select shops in Tokyo, travelling regularly to New York, London and Paris in search of new talents and brands.

The "NOMA t.d."

Collection is Designed

by Masako Noguchi

and Takuma Sasaki.

Masako Noguchi graduated with a BA in theory of design at Musashino Art University in Tokyo. She then moved to the U.K. where she was awarded a BA in textile design by Chelsea College of Arts in 2003. Since she was in university, she started designing textiles for a number of fashion labels.

Takuma Sasaki ran his own boutique in Tokyo, has travelled extensively, visiting Paris, London and New York in search of talented young designers.He has also designed and marketed his own fashion line in Tokyo. In 2005 Noguchi and Sasaki established their collaborative label "NOMA t.d." combining their talents, experiences, and knowledge of design. They produce their own textiles by handcrafting unique graphics used in the creation of their garments.

They put effort into Art as well as fashion. They have curated a valiety of exhibitions of artists at their design studio in Tokyo and published an art book. Noguchi has also exhibited her work of screenprint in art galleries. The book of Noguchi’s work「Between Line And Pattern」was published in 2017(by SO1). There are exhibitions of Noguchi will be shown in Tokyo and overseas in 2019.

The "NOMA t.d." collection continues to evolve, with attention to detail and a free interpretive style. "free interpretation creates new style.”